Designated Special Provision (DSP)

Welcome to Sycamore Class

We warmly welcome you to look around Sycamore Class; our Designated Special Provision for children with Autism.

Who is the DSP for?

This class is for children, who have a statement of Special Education Needs, with a diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The purpose of the DSP is to provide specialist support to children who would benefit from integrating into a class in a mainstream school.

Autism Education Trust

Alderwood DSP have met and in line with the competencies of the four main area of the Autism Education Trust Standards;

· The individual pupil (how to understand and address their strengths and needs)

· Building relationships (with staff; parents/carers, other professions and peers)

· Curriculum and learning (adjustments to the way in which activities are presented, selection of priorities and modifications to the curriculum)

· Enabling environments (how to create good learning environments for pupils on the autism spectrum).

High quality planning and teaching

At Alderwood our specialist provision for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) enables children to be active learners, learning to effectively communicate needs, wants, and opinions, whilst moving towards independence. The curriculum provides the opportunities that are essential for learning and development.

Planning and teaching in our provision is a collaborative process between both the lead teachers, the Inclusion leader and other professionals. We are also supported by teachers from Willow Dene when planning, evaluating and tailoring the curriculum to the children’s needs. The DSP involves pupils, where possible, in formulating their long-term goals and ambitions and all staff have high aspiration for these pupils. Our setting ensures that pupils with autism are effectively and regularly consulted on all aspects of their education and experience at school.

Learning outside the classroom

Children who access Sycamore class have regular opportunities during the week to learn outside the classroom. The children attend weekly swimming lessons, trips on the bus (travel training), visits to the shop, park and horse riding with occasional 2 / 3 days camping events. Regular yearly trips to the seaside, educational trips and trips with mainstream classes.

Home-school partnerships

Our setting establishes strong relationships between staff and pupils and their families, seeing this as the starting point for mutual understanding and support for the pupil’s learning and well-being. We understand that in order to build effective relationships we need to actively listen to pupils, parents and carers and promote opportunities for the exchange of information and ideas. This will enable families to feel that staff are open and approachable to discussions. We recognise that a large factor in children’s progress lie in positive home/school relationships. We regularly hold sessions for parents to work alongside their children as well as meet other parents whose children access the provision. In Sycamore class parents are invited to attend coffee mornings and parent workshops throughout the term to explore strategies and share information such as E-safety, Greenwich Local offer and behaviour. Reading records and homework are also used to work in partnership with parents and carers.

Take a look at some recent feedback from our families;

Our parents have recently said that 'It's a great school' and that it makes them 'want to be back at school again'.  They have also commented that they have found us to be 'really good at communicating' and that their children have 'improved greatly since moving to the school and has become really calm'.  

We are also delighted to hear that parents feel that their children are understood and that they can 'go out as a family now'.  

Pupil voice

‘I can ignore bad choices’

‘I eat my lunch in the dining hall with my mainstream friends’

‘I attend after school clubs’

‘I play with my mainstream friends in KS2’

‘Year 5 PE is going well’

‘Horse riding is going well’