Extended Day

Alderwood currently have clubs in place before and after school.  Breakfast Club to enables parents to leave their child or children in a safe environment from 7.30am and After School Club where children are able to stay on school premises until 6.30pm with supervision from Alpha Club.

Breakfast Club and After School Clubs

We are delighted to work in partnership with Alpha Club who now provide our extended day service.  Please visit their website for further information here

After School Activity Clubs

Each term we introduce clubs during lunchtimes and after school.   

Places are on a first come first served basis, therefore if your child does not wish to attend a club for any reason, please let the school office know so that the place can be opened up to another child who is on the waiting list.

Please make sure your child has PE kit with them to take part in the activities.  Please make payment on My Child at School (MCAS).