Core Priorities for Improvement 2020 - 2021

To continue to develop outstanding subject leadership, across all areas of the school, to secure the very best outcomes for all our children.
To embed the teaching and learning of early literacy and reading skills so that all children can confidently access the curriculum.
Ensure that Quality First Teaching principles continue to close learning gaps for all groups, ensuring that the percentage of children achieving Expected and Greater Depth combined is in line with or exceeding National.
To drive progress in Computing through increasing teachers’ subject knowledge, using the SMAR model to inform transformative planning and learning experiences.
To embed a purposefully sequenced and interconnected curriculum that supports children to develop a deep understanding of key knowledge and concepts.
To nurture and further develop a sense of community for our school, understanding how our beliefs, core values and curriculum underpin our children’s sense of themselves within the wider world and supports their ability to succeed.