Maths Week LDN

Maths week has been a huge success!
Every morning the Maths Cafe has been a hub of activity and all classes have been wrestling with the Problem of the Day.   Everyone has taken part in Alderwood's first ever Maths Trail around the school. 
In Sycamore Class the children have been counting fruit, searching high and low for Handa's Hen and using their counting skills to share their fruit and make a delicious fruit salad. 
Beech Class have been beseized with naughty piranhas jumping in and out of the their fishbowl!     
Birch and Willow Classes have been busy immersing themselves in the book 'The Door Bell Rang'.  Who could be at the door?!
In Elm and Maple Classes, the children have been using their multiplication and division skills to arrange and share the delicious cookies they baked using their knowledge of weighing and measuring to organise the ingredients. 
Palm and Oak classrooms have been transformed into pizzerias, where the children have created the most amazing pizzas, using their knowledge of fractions and angles to equally share the pizzas between them. 
During break times the children have been using their maths skills to play card and board games.  The week culminated on with an amazing Maths Hat Parade.
Remember, maths is truly everywhere!