Maple Class Reach New Heights!

Throughout the morning, the children worked collaboratively, mastering the safety equipment and offering words of praise and encouragement to each other. Our school values, which are such a big part of life at Alderwood, were consistently demonstrated; resilience, positivity, confidence and determination were the values most clearly displayed.

As always, the children’s behaviour was impeccable. They were a real credit to the school!   


What did our pupils think?


Derelle: Amazing!!! No other words! 


Jacob: I’m feeling very happy I accomplished my goal and got to the top of the Lego wall and stairway to heaven, even flossing at the top. It’s been amazing.


Emily: It’s been really fun I achieved completing the stair case to heaven four times - right to the top and it made me conquer some of my fears. I believe in myself.


Raahi: Today’s been brilliant. Seeing everyone reach the top was so exciting for them and for me to watch them achieve.


Hassatou: It’s been really really fun because I got to try new things and it’s all been such a big challenge.


Andesha: It’s so much fun climbing all the walls. It’s a nice feeling being scared but overcoming it.


Ian: It was nerve wracking but I faced my fear of heights.


Abigail  T: I really liked it because it challenged me. I was so scared of jumping but I sorted out my fears. 


Ange-Benoit: Today was the most awesome trip ever!