Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review

This year, we have joined a highly regarded, nationwide network of schools called Challenge Partners.

As a member of this network, schools receive training and networking opportunities, as well as an external review.

The Team found that leaders at Alderwood have ‘the highest of expectations’ for our pupils and that our ‘drive for excellence has brought about significant and rapid improvement’.  They also noted that ‘relationships between pupils and adults and pupils are excellent’ and show ‘trust and respect’ and that our wonderful learning environment was ‘exceptional’ and used well to ‘drive expectations’. 

We were also awarded an ‘Area of Excellence’ for our learning environment as the Team felt it was truly exemplary.

Please see below for the latter to parents from our Chair of Governors and our full Challenge Partners Reiew Report.

We are very pleased that the great learning at Alderwood has been recognised by the review team and would like to thank our children, staff and parents for the continued hard work and support that make Alderwood such a great place to be.