Ignition at Trinity Laban

In my position as PE Lead, I am lucky enough to see how children shine in physical areas of our curriculum and I have been slowly making external links where we can ‘showcase’ our talent at Alderwood.

Last Thursday, I took six pupils to a boys only dance session “Ignition” at the world class venue Trinity Laban.   The boys danced their socks off for an hour and fifteen minutes and my goodness they did the school proud! Our boys worked with other dancers that they had not met before, showing their value of collaboration. They performed with confidence, inspired others and shared their talent.  Mrs Archer, who kindly accompanied us, and I were blown away by the strength and expression our boys brought to their dance creation for the theme ‘Journey’…they literally climbed the walls, feet first!

“Where are you from?,” enquired a parent, “the group you’ve brought are amazing,” said another, “your group really inspired my boy’s moves, he was mirroring them…” were just a few comments from parents who take their boys to the class each week.  The teacher of the session was really impressed and asked if I could bring them back and she thought the boy’s “transitions were excellent”.   Upon speaking to one of our dancers, it was evident how much dancing means to them “I use it to express my emotions Ms Baker, I need it,”.     

I really hope this 'taster' has inspired minds for the future.   Trinity Laban offers classes for all year groups, even adults, but perhaps most relevant is their programme for 13-16 year olds at the Centre for Advanced Training or “CAT,” it’s fee paying, but means tested, and full grants are available to enable children to attend, for more information visit https://www.trinitylaban.ac.uk/study/dance/centre-for-advanced-training

A BIG thank you to parents who allowed their child to attend and to Mrs Archer; without you all we would not have been able to make this happen!