Personal Safety





We do not wish to alarm any of our children or parents, but you may be aware of a series of assaults on young people in the Greenwich and Lewisham areas. 

The Met Police are working closely with people in these areas to identify suspects and support those who have become visitims of such crimes.

They have issued the following advice for all young people who may travel to and from school on their own:

·         Try not to walk alone – find a friend to walk with

·         Do not walk down a lane or unlit road that isn’t busy with traffic or pedestrians for a short cut. Take a longer route which is safer

·         Run, yell and tell. If they are approached by someone and don’t feel safe, run, yell loudly at the same time and head towards where there are people

·         Safe places include shops, schools, libraries, restaurants, take away shops, stations, bus stops where people are waiting

·         Speak to an adult they know, if they have concerns about their safety

·         Do not walk around with their headphones in and your phone out on display.

·         999 is the number to call to reach the Police in an emergency

Please feel free to speak to any member of school staff if you are concerned or have any information.