Alderwood in Bloom

This week, we welcomed Rhiannon, the judge from the LCFS, who looked over our daffodils and decided if they were worthy of a prestigious 'Gold' award.  She was extremely thorough and took into account not only the bloom, but also the length of stem and number of leaves.  Rhiannon was also keen to know if we have any other horticultural activities happening at Alderwood, as this would be taken into account when deciding on the overall winners.  Joanna and Elliott, Palm Class, were very keen to tell her about our Gardening Club with Mrs Hill and the grown beds in Ash Class. 

We are delighted to announce that we secured:

19 Bronze Awards

34 Silver Awards

36 Gold Awards

Well to everyone who participated in this green fingered event and we will notify you all as soon as we know if we have won a main trophy.  Green fingers crossed!!