Horizons Widened!

The Compass Partnership has secured a considerable amount of funding to provide outside learning opportunities for each and every child over our group of schools.  

Maple Class - Wrotham March 2017

Maple Class benefitted from an overnight stay at Margaret McMillan House, Wrotham, completely free of charge.  They participated in activities such as the tyre challenge, the low ropes, a barn dance social and several other team building events. They had to carry their own luggage, make thier own beds, arrive at the meeting points on time and ensure that they were fully prepared for the challenge ahead.  

Thank you Wide Horizons; Great fun was had by all!

Pupil Voice from Maple Class

'When my group were stepping on the tyres, we forgot to collect the plank but it was really difficult to walk with it whilst going across, so we had to persevere so we could succeed' Sally

'As we were going across the low ropes, my team mate helped me balance by being there for me to stop me from falling' Tillie

'As my team were crossing the tyres, we had to hold a plank to take it across with us. When I was wobbling Aniel helped me get back on it' Imogen

'Cleopatra was leading me when I was blindfolded. When I was on the tyres, I couldn’t keep my balance and then I fell but we persevered and eventually, I got up and we continued' Lira

'We learned that you have to use teamwork if you want to complete something. We didn’t complete the task because we didn’t think about teamwork until we failed' Braidon

'When my team and I were going up the rope, I overcame my fear of heights. We used teamwork to support and encourage each other' Mia

'I liked the woodland and the activities we participated in. They were challenging but fun. My favourite activity was the low ropes when we had to swing on the big rope and land on the big cargo net. We had to climb over the log at the top and climb down the net on the other side' Chanai

'When I arrived at Wrotham, I didn’t really have faith in my friends but when we left I trusted them completely. If we didn’t trust each other we wouldn’t have succeeded at the Blind Line challenge' Jamie

'The staff members at Wrotham were really, really kind when I hurt my ankle. Whilst I had an ice pack on and everybody else was having fun they entertained me by reading books to me' Chloe R

'I enjoyed the low ropes because we needed to trust our partner and it was fun working with somebody different' Sarah

'It was fun because I learned how to work with mypartner to complete the puzzles' Firat

'I really liked that we got to share a room with our friends. The food they served was brilliant and the desserts were healthy!' Kitty

'It was very funny when my team kept dropping the plank in the water. We had to keep picking it up and giving it to the person at the front. We had to keep our balance and work together' Honya

'I had the best time of my life at Wrotham. It was difficult to complete the different tasks but it helped to build my ability to work as a team and helped me to grow in confidence' Millie

'When I first saw Wrotham, it wasn’t how I imagined it but when I got inside it was even better than I had imagined. Everyone was so funny. Mrs Clark’s ears were like hawk’s eyes; they could hear everything, especially when Jamie and I were whispering past our bedtime!' Emmanuel

'I would like to thank the company that funded our residential trip for making such a brilliant trip possible. It was really fun and I learned to be more confident in myself. I liked the food, the activities and the beds were comfortable' Charlie

'I enjoyed spending time with everyone and I particularly enjoyed the activities that we participated in. I would love to go there again' Aniel

'I loved it when we went out in our wellie boots and took part in lots of outdoor activities. My favourite activities were the Blind Line challenge and the low ropes' Cleopatra

Birch Class - Parish Wood April 2017

Birch Class have been exploring the great outdoors with Wide Horizons through a series of outreach sessions in Parish Wood Park, right next to school!  They have made habitats for woodland creatures and explored the wildlife around them!

Pupil Voice from Birch Class

'I liked the 1,2,3 game because I like to run' Debbie

'I liked it when we had to cross the bridge in the forest because it was slippery and fun' Shannon

'I was excited to walk to the park and play games' Farai

'I liked climbing the hill.  It was really slippery' Saptarsh

'I liked making a nest with sticks, straw and leaves' Julia

'I got some help to find materials for my hedgehog habitat' Jayden

''I liked my den for the fox.  I used sticks, grass and leaves' Vinny

Elm Class - Wrotham April 2017

As you can from the photos below, Elm Class had a fantastic time when they visited Margaret McMillan House in Wrotham.  They travelled down in two groups on the school minibus to explore the outside space and challenge themeselves by participating in team building activities.  Don't just take our word for it, have a read of the pupil voice below. 

Pupil Voice from Elm Class

'I showed bravery going down the rope ladder into the going hole and the lady there she helped me to do it and I persevered' Jack

'We played hide and seek in the woods. We pretended there was a dinosaur hidden under a giant tree log to escape from' Megan

'It was fun because we got to do lots of activities I’ve never done before. They taught using things in nature and how to work together' Tae Marie

'The big log was about 10 metres long and we had to roll ourselves under it!' Aidan

'Bluebells are poorly so you mustn’t tread on them we must keep them alive. You must always care about nature!' Joshua

'We went on a journey to Wrotham in a special forest. We got to do all kinds of activities like rock climbing and hiding from dragons! But I don’t think dragons really exists but it was fun' Tegan

'There was a magical dragon and we had to go under the dragons cave and over it. Afterwards, because we saw it, we made a den to hide from him in the woods' Mathys