Tobias and the Angel - A whole school project

This term, we have decided to take a very famous painting, 'Tobias and the Angel', as our inspiration for a sequence of learning.  

All children studied the painting and read the story surrounding it.  They have been immersed through drama, artwork and story writing.  We were particularly focused on using high level vocabulary throughout the school to deepn children's understanding.  Elm Class also visited the National Gallery to see the original painting.  They were totally in awe of such amazing work and spent considerable time silently sketching their own versions. 

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this topic and published some beautiful learning for the displays in our hall. 

Well done to Maple Class who had a tough slot to fill being the first class to share their learning in a Class Assembly this term.  

They shared with us their 'story whoosh' to accompany Pie Corbet's retelling of the story behind the painting 'Tobias and the Angel', which hangs in the National Gallery.  They then shared with us a piece of music which they composed with our Music Teacher, Mr Gregory, to re-tell the story musically. 

Take a look below.