Online Tracker for Nursery and Reception Children

As you may know, Early Excellence has developed an online tracking system for pupils in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We have decided to adopt this great tool for all pupils in Sycamore and Beech classes.  This system allows staff to upload photographs and comments onto an online learning journal for each child.  It also allows you, as parents/carers, to view the evidence and even upload your own examples of your child's progress and development.  This ensures that staff and parents are working closely together towards the 'Good Level of Development' which is expected at the end of Reception. 

At the beginning of this term, all parents/carers received a letter about this initiative, along with a unique access code for you to access your child's personal learning journal.  If you need more support with accessing this for the first time, or you have misplaced your child's unique code, then please speak to your child's Teacher for more information.  

This is a really great way to be more involved with your child's learning. 

Please find below a 'Parents' Guide' for further support.