The Daily Mile sprints to Alderwood!

Alderwood are embarking on 'The Daily Mile' initiative on Monday 9th January.  This is a great way for children to improve their fitness levels, stamina and have a really active start to their day.  Each class will trial this initiative for a week this term, which involves each child completing a mile before they enter the classroom.  At Alderwood, this means 12 laps of the KS 2 playground and 18 laps of KS 1.  Don't worry, staff will be on hand to support children who may find this difficult.  

The thinking behind this idea is that children do not need special clubs, clothing or equipment to maintain a level of fitness, but rather the opportunity to raise their heart beat every day and enjoy the feeling of being outside.

Follow the link here for further information and happy running!  Willow Class in action below on their first ever daily mile!