Ash Class visit Avery Hill

Over the weeks, Ash Class have learnt how to get ready more independently.  This includes dressing up warmly, changing into appropriate footwear, putting the visible vests on, going to toilet, collecting the charts, putting money away and lining up.

They now show more awareness of road safety as they walk to and from the park with younger children holding hands, walking behind each other, stopping before crossing, checking the road and using the pedestrian island.

At the park Ash Class listen well and enjoy carrying out small Science related tasks, for example collecting natural resources for displays or identifying parts of trees. Currently children take part in a sensory experience supported by visual cards, including colours I can see… colour matching activity finding beautiful autumn coloured leaves, I can feel…. rough, smooth, cold…. By now the children will not just run straight to the park’s playground but hugely enjoy looking, finding things and filling up their pockets! 

During the first few weeks as soon as they reached the first bench they had to have a break from walking and sit for a few minutes. Now they don’t stop! And they love the freedom of running across the huge green field!

We have also visited the Winter Garden and most importantly the children have learnt that there is no cold and snow in there! They explored lots beautiful plants and loved the pond with the fish.

Since they have started enjoying the playground, their relationships have massively improved. It was Avery Hill Park playground where they really started bonding, sharing, taking turns and now the five children are mostly in one group and really enjoy playing together.

Shopping at the Café is also just as exciting!  So much fun and lots of good learning. The children required lots of 1:1 support at the beginning but now they carry out their shopping independently, using good communication and they are so much more confident. They are learning to use their money and most importantly, they have learnt that they can buy only so much and once the money is spent, there is no more! It was a massive shock to the system first time!

We will certainly be continuing our weekly trips.