Inside Out

The three classes thoroughly enjoyed the trip and thought that the film was excellent.

On their return to school, they wrote blogs and gave their opinions about the experience.  Take a look below.


Elm Class


I liked how the film was hilarious but still taught us an important lesson about controlling our emotions and being yourself.
When we arrived at the o2, I thought it was fabulous as there was so much to see. Inside Out taught me to calm down if I am angry or upset which will help me when I find something challenging.
I loved this film! It can teach us about our emotions, what they mean and how we can control them.
I thought the film was inspiring because it taught us about emotions and how to deal with being angry. I would recommend this film to my friends and family because it shows you how to persevere when things are tough.
Kevin's Blog
On Thursday 10th November, we went to the 02 cinema to see Inside Out!
When we arrived we were so excited to watch the film and we couldn't wait for the film to start. It was great to go on a different kind of school trip!
Inside Out teaches that we need to learn to control our emotions but that all emotions are important. I think I am most like the character Joy and that is a great thing!
Whitney's Blog
On Thursday 10th November, years 2, 3 and 4 went to the cinema to watch Inside Out and it was the best film ever!
When we arrived at the 02, we sat down and chatted  about what we thought the film would be about. Then the lights went down and we felt excited as the film started.
I thought the film was inspiring because people can't control their emotions all of the time and this film might help you. Inside Out teaches us to be ourselves and to persevere.
I would recommend this film to all of my friends because you can learn a lot from it.
Harry's Blog
Yesterday, years 2, 3 and 4 went to the cinema to watch Inside Out. We felt so excited because some people had not seen the film and it was great to watch it together!
When we talked about the film we decided that the character Joy showed our school values because she always tried to have a good day and persevered. We can also learn about how we should try to be positive and that can help with our learning.
I feel so pleased about going on this trip because it helped me think about my emotions and how I feel. It gave me lots of information about emotions and it was fun sharing that with my friends.

Maple Class

We’ve had a totally terrific Thursday!

The characters in the film are joy, fear, sadness, anger and disgust. My favourite character is disgust. 

The film was amazing because sadness was funny as she was always droopy. I learnt that it’s ok to feel all of these emotions if you know how to handle it.

I also learnt that you can’t always feel joy you also need to sometimes feel disgust, fear, anger and especially sadness. It links to our school values because it's about feelings and emotions. 

I would recommend it to everybody so they realise that it’s ok not to feel joy all the time.

By Mille


That movie made my mind go CA-BOOM! I never knew sadness could save the day!

My favorite was disgust, her sassy personality really got into my brain. This movie really made me think of how much we need these emotions and without them we would not be real humans.

Is it true we have talking emotions in our head?

The movie’s brilliant I can not think of any better words to describe it.

Inside Out teaches us that it’s fine to have emotions you just need to know how to control them.

By Maria


Why not check out the trailer below and make up your own mind?!