The wearing of the school uniform is supported by the parents.  The Alderwood School uniform is practical, simple and relatively inexpensive.  The school expects the wearing of the uniform. All uniform should be marked with the child’s name.  A uniform order form can be printed by clicking here and being sent into the school office.

  • School burgundy red sweatshirt* (£9.00) or cardigan* (£11.00)
  • Grey trousers/grey skirt
  • White shirt/white blouse/white polo shirt
  • Plain socks - white, black or grey
  • Plain black shoes (no heels please)
  • Summer dress in red check
  • Swimming hats* (£1.50)
  • PE Kit* (£8.00)
  • Book Bag* (£3.50) This is compulsory and must be brought into school every day

 * can be purchased from the school office


The school requires the children to wear sensible shoes, i.e. flat shoes or trainers in plain black only.


As a result of the Health and Safety Directive children must not wear jewellery in school.  It relies upon the co-operation of parents to achieve its aims. If ears are pierced only studs must be worn and they will be covered by plasters for PE. If jewellery is worn no member of the school staff can take responsibility for its safe-keeping.


PE, Games and Swimming

PE Kit - The school has a school PE Kit which is available from the school office at a cost of £8.00 this includes shorts, T shirt and a PE bag.

Swimming - All children must wear a swimming hat (the first one is provided by the school).  Girls must wear a one piece costume (not a bikini) and boys must not wear long baggy shorts for swimming.

Verrucae - If being treated, a protective sock (ferulae cover) must be worn.

Goggles - It is recommended from the Amateur Swimming Association that goggles should NOT be worn in a teaching situation unless there is a medical reason.  However, if pupils can swim 50 metres plus they can wear goggles with the instructor’s permission.

Nose pegs and ear plugs – not generally recommended