Core Priorities for Improvement 2018 - 19

To nurture and further develop a sense of community for our school, understanding how our beliefs, core values and curriculum underpin our children’s sense of themselves within the wider world and supports their ability to succeed.
To secure the teaching and learning of early literacy and numeracy skills across the EYFS so that progress is accelerated and all children have firm foundations on which to build.
Ensure that Quality First Teaching principles, alongside precisely targeted interventions, rapidly close learning gaps for all groups and support pupils to work independently, ensuring that at least 85% of children reach the combined national expectation with at least 30% exceeding this in all year groups.
To develop robust, responsive teaching, which addresses misconceptions at the point of learning and secures aspirational outcomes for individual learners.
To ensure that precision planning of the learning journey, combined with the principles underlying cognitive acceleration, assures consistently deep learning across a rich curriculum.
To develop a growth mind-set culture to ensure that a ‘can do’ attitude permeates the whole school community, positively enhancing the learning culture.