Consultation on The Compass Partnership of Schools’ Admission Policy

Proposed changes for September 2021 entry

We are consulting on changing our admissions arrangements, in-line with the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s current consultation and criteria. If you would like to engage with the consultation we would welcome your views and opinions.

The Compass Partnership of Schools, as a multi-academy trust (MAT), operates as the admission authority for the schools within the Trust. The Compass Partnership of Schools has agreed to remain in-line with the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s admissions procedures, for all of its schools.

When a local authority, through a consultation process, makes a change to their admissions process, the Compass Partnership of Schools must conduct its own consultation if it plans to adopt the same changes.

The proposed changes in the document below are in-line with the consultation that the Royal Borough of Greenwich are undertaking.

Please note that for this consultation process it is only the area listed below where comments are sought. Please send your comments, by 31st January 2020, to

Please indicate clearly in the comments to the Compass Partnership of Schools your role within the community from the list below:

  • Acting on behalf of a Local Authority (indicate which one)
  • Acting on behalf of an Admissions Authority (indicate which one)
  • Teacher / Governor of a local school
  • Parent/Carer
  • Other local community stakeholder (please provide information)

The area for which comments are sought are;

  1. The Compass Partnership of Schools is proposing to change the oversubscription criteria by adding children who have been in state care outside of England and ceased to be in state care as a result of being adopted, to the second criterion, for entry into both nursery and primary phases, in-line with the Royal Borough of Greenwich.