Annual Sports Day

Last Friday, 5th July, was our annual Sports Day at Avery Hill Park.
It was a scorcher of a morning and was greatly supported by parents and carers.  We had some fast paced feet speeding across the finish line competing in team and individual races. Our Sporting and School values of Respect, Trust, Perseverance, Kindness, Enjoyment and Independence were upheld by all. 
It was wonderful for the children to see parents displaying determination, teamwork and enjoyment in a parents-only 'Tug of War' and we all collapsed exhausted and happy into our picnics in the shade of the trees.  A well done to all!

What you've all been waiting for....results!

Joint last Perseverance and Respect with 67 points

Trust 4th with 77 points 

Kindness 3rd with 80 points
Independence 2nd with 95 points
Enjoyment 1st with 100 points.